This week Manny and Joce talk about their experiences on day one of the Shadowlands pre-launch event, including story and mechanics, before taking your emails. All that and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

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Warcraft Radio is now actually Radio

On Monday, Warcraft Radio launched its new audio stream. So on top of all the usual places you can now find shows from across the Blizzard podcasting universe on this new platform.

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Death’s Rising Week 1

The pre-expansion intro event has begun. This week the first half took player’s back to their faction capitals, through starting zones many of us have not visited in a long while, and up to the roof of the world. A roof that has now been torn asunder.

  • Story
    • Cinematic was good but felt deflated that it had been datamined so long ago (see Lore Segment from ep 139 on Shadowlands: Dark Abduction)
      • “When their mistress beckons, nine ravens take flight. Each seeks a prize to earn her favor.”
    • The stay a while a listen dialogue is a great addition and expands a bit on the leadership of the two factions
      • “The golden one claims a vacant throne. The crown of light will bring only darkness.”
    • Matthias Shaw, leader of the clandestine SI:7, Spymaster extraordinaire can’t keep the name of a disavowed reportedly dead man off his lips in front of one of the people I would expect to handle the information most poorly?!?!
    • Blightcaller dies at the hands of Tyrande after a great world boss fight.
  • Mechanics
    • Ghoul invasion is not happening yet.
    • Initial quest chain doesn’t have much meat to unlock daily quests
    • Rares make up the biggest time sink for this week’s content
    • Gearing up alts is super fast
      • Nathanos drops 115 weapons (Don’t release if you die)
      • Rares drop 110 gear
      • 100 Gear can be purchased from vendor (no trinkets or weapons)
    • Rares spawn every 20 minutes in a set order
      • They have a zone wide announcement when they spawn
      • They are immune from all damage and cc for a period of time to allow players to reach them
      • Many add-ons will tell you where and when a rare will be available to kill. (I’m using Rarescanner)
      • Interesting Drops: 
        • Blue Proto-Drake (Skadi the Ruthless)
        • 34 Slot Bag (Bronjahm)
        • Accursed Keepsake (High res version of the Haunted Memento)
        • Battered Hilt?!?!
  • Shadowlands Preview: Cleanse the Scourge in the Shadowlands Pre-Launch Event
  • Horde Reactions
  • Alliance Reactions

Shadowlands Launch Test

This Friday at 2PM EST, there will be a test to replicate the conditions of Shadowlands going live. 

  • The test will take place on the Shadowlands Beta realm Torghast.
  • The Realm will be reset to Battle For Azeroth
  • An hour before the test starts characters can be copied over from live realms
  • Shadowlands Launch Test

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