For Azeroth! Ep. 140 – “The Shades of Domination”

No, FAZ has not turned into a 50 Shades fan show… This week Manny and Joce talk about the launch date announcement, raid implications, story cinematic, beta changes, Hallow’s Eve 2020, and their experiences in Chromie Time. All that and more on this week’s For Azeroth!

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      Shadowlands Launch Date Confirmed

      Earlier an announcement from John Height was released which confirms what we have all been dying to know!

    • Shadowlands release date: November 23 at 3pm PDT (worldwide simultaneous release)

    • Shadow’s Rising Event: November 10th

    • Shadowlands Season 1: December 8th

    • Mythic and LFR Wing 1: December 15th

    • Raid Finder Wing 2: January 5

    • Raid Finder Wing 3: January 19

    • Raid Finder Wing 4: February 2

    • Ion commented on Raiding over the holidays

    • New story trailer was also released with new footage


    • to-the-holidays/

    • n-1-goes-live-december-8

      Screen Rant Article

      In an article by Dan Gravelle at Screen Rant, the spectre of Arthas is once again raised in regards to the upcoming Shadowlands expansion. The article includes a quote from Steve Danuser, WoW’s Lead Narrative Designer. Steve once again stresses that they hold reverence for the legacy of Arthas but are using the story to expand upon the lore of the game. The article contains light spoilers to an upcoming event in the expansion.


      Hallow’s End is here!

      The Headless Horseman reigns terror upon starting towns yet again but there are rewards for those who take up the challenge.

    • 2018 Hearthstone is purchased for 150 coins

    • Exquisite Costume Sets for Xavius, Grommash, Deathwing, and Arthas are still available for purchase

    • Buy heirloom upgrades to help your alts

    • Magic Broom is an instant speed mount (and has a cool new mount special animation!)

    • The Horseman’s Reins are obtainable to players level 45 and higher


      Shadowlands Beta

      Each week a new build of the beta arrives with changes both announced and hidden.

    • Soulbinds received a major restructuring

    • Renown UI has been split off to a separate NPC to track with a new UI

    • Several Legendary Items are receiving buffs and cosmetic distinction

    • Permanent Maw and Tor’ghast Upgrade Items are now sold in the Maw

      • One-Time purchases

      • Unlocked for purchase with reputation

    • Leveling Experience Changes have been revised again

    • Announced Updates

    • MMO-Champion’s Full Rundown

      Community Resources/Add-ons Timewalking Campaign Leveling

      Thoughts and feelings regarding the Chromie Time experience.

    • Exile’s Reach

      • Good quick narrative with character

      • Introduces fundamentals of questing and basic gameplay

      • Class specific quest is a highlight

      • Can complete before reaching level 10

      • Intro dungeon seems to put you as dps (inconclusive as I had not reached 10)

    • City Tour

      • Part of a lead into BfA questing (opt out for veteran players)

    • Timewalking Campaign

      • Leveling is still incredibly fast and if you complete side quests and/or bonus objectives, it is easy to hit 50 before completing the expansion campaign.

      • When you hit 50 the Timewalking Campaign will end and you will be given a 1 minute timer before you are ported back to your faction capital.

        • You should clear your quest log of quests that may now be grey to you.

        • Be sure to clear out your inventory of items that are no longer needed.

      • You can turn off experience before this time to continue to the end; but, remember to turn it back on when you are finished.

        • To turn your character’s experience gain on and off, visit the Experience Eliminator at your faction’s capital city:

          • If you are Alliance, speak to Behsten in Stormwind

          • If you are Horde, speak to Slahtz in Orgrimmar

        • Using this service costs 10 gold.

    • Alternatives for veterans

      • You can level through dungeons (boosting has been squashed)

      • Pet battles are reported to give a high amount of experience at higher levels.

    • Heirloom Gear

      • The rested experience bonuses and the out of combat regeneration bonus did not seem worth it at all

      • The other two bonuses often proc’d when I was turning in quests at town and felt


      • Not having to replace gear as I spend through the levels was the greatest bonus.

    • Speed Level Route 1 – 50 in less than 6hrs

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