Technically PVP ep 115: Pre-Patch Preps

Gerissar and Andallyn go over what you can expect in these pre-patch weeks, with all the changes to levelling, how you can level your alts or new main before Shadowlands, and pitfalls to avoid! Now get in the game, grab some friends, and have some fun! Finding Us Gerissar –  Twitter Email The Show! Andallyn –  […]

Technically PVP ep 111: Classic Arenas!?

People often say better late than never.  And while that is true, we must apologize just how long it took to get this episode published!  Between the VOD going missing on Twitch, and IRL getting super busy, we were finally able to get this podcast on the street and into your ears! So, come join […]

Technically PVP ep 112: Ret Pally 8.3

Wait?!  Where’s episode 111?!!  No, this isn’t a numbering mistake.  Ep 111 may have been lost. 🙁  We are waiting for Twitch to see if they can recover the VOD.  Until then, we are stuck with a small gap in our episodes. Now, about episode 112!!  After giving an update on Where’s Windstead?, we welcomed […]

Technically PVP ep 110: BfA Esports Final Chapter

We welcome David Hollings, the WOW Esports Product Manager, back to the show to talk about the changes to the BfA AWC tournament finals the team needed to implement due to COVID!We talked about the new Round Robin circuit, why the team brought in this type of tournament structure, and what people can possibly expect […]

Technically PVP ep 109: Disc Priests 8.3

Episode 109 was a new adventure in podcasting for Windstead, as he went 1v1 with Rapids talking about Discipline Priests in BfA.  As one can expect with first times of doing things, he ran into a few technical issues, but in his typical Macgyver style, we’ve bubblegummed a podcast for you to listen to!  With […]

Technically PVP ep 108: Fire Mage 8.3

Join Andallyn and Gerissar in a wonderful in depth discussion about fire mages with Pherix, one of the players for the team Deception Gaming who has been noted as an up-in-coming team in the AWC this year by the casters! Pherix lends his knowledge to help our listeners to understand this spec much better, but […]

Technically PVP ep 107: Boomkins 8.3

Ep 107 was a fun discussion with Vezir!  He prefers to play balance druids in PVP, and joined Gerissar to discuss this spec, and all its nuances!  Plus, Vezir and Gerissar tackled all the recent news that had happened since our previous episode, including the tragic loss of a renowned podcast and a well loved […]

Technically PVP ep 106: Hook Point Arena

Andallyn, Gerissar and Windstead sit down to analyze the ins and outs of the Hook Point Arena, one of the most recent arena map additions in the game.  This map is well known for the emoting NPC spectators, and we selected the intro speech as the bumper for our Need-Greed-Pass segment.We also discuss our reasoning […]

Technically PVP ep 105: Alpha Things Part 2

Andallyn, Gerissar and Windstead discuss what they have been up to in game, or lack thereof.  When it comes to limited game time, it is hard to sit in long PVP queues, so Andallyn has been opting to play Overwatch instead lately.  What do you do when you have limited time to play WOW? Also, […]