Girls Gone WoW – Show 446: ARE WE THERE YET????

25 hours to the launch of Shadowlands when we finished this recording and we rounded out our BfA twilight with our good friend Joe Hogan. We talked all about the pre-parch events, which many were a touch disappointed by, but most people were very happy to have murdered Nathanos. Most people that is, except Lurtz… […]

Girls Gone WoW: Show 445 – What have you achieved in the down time?

Back to Team Positive this week when Lurtz from the Rot and Wither podcast joined us to talk about what we’ve been up to in the down time before the expansion! Weirdly the whole thing seems to have turned Raven into an altoholic which is wild. You can find Lurtz on Twitter. Follow the show […]

Girls Gone WoW: Show 443 – Are you changing mains in Shadowlands?

Are you changing mains in Shadowlands? Well this week’s guest Shoryl is and they’ve asked for hints and tips from people who’ve done it before! Also: there’s a new release date but people are still pretty busy in game. Will we have time to get everything done?! You can find Shoryl over on Twitter or […]

Girls Gone WoW: Show 442 – Battle for Azeroth high points

We talking about all the things we enjoyed about Battle for Azeroth today and SPOILER it’s all about the story for our community! Well, that and the community! We had Tetsemi with us this week which was great fun. A much less grizzly tail from Cassunda this week, and the usual week in wow updates […]

Girls Gone WoW Show 441: PRE PATCH IS HERE!

IT’S PRE PATCH WEEK!!! We’ve all had TONS of fun in the barbershop and started levelling a lot of new toons, and we have Grand Master Jarf here with us this week to talk all about the highs and lows of the pre patch! Our regular correspondent Cassunda checks in with a grizzly tail and […]

Girls Gone WoW Show 440: Inclusive Communities

Frazley was back with us this week for a great chat about building inclusive communities in game. Ironically the show was slightly disrupted by some chat room trolls that apparently did not like inclusive communities but we powered through and we hope you enjoy the discussion more than they did! Lots of listener input and […]

Girls Gone WoW Show 439: Agency in WoW

Hello Everyone! Fascinating topic this week when Saalmis joined us to talk about character agency in WoW. We talked about where we felt in control of our characters destinies and how hard it is to do that meaningfully in an MMO. There was also quite a lot of shade for a couple of notable quests! […]

Girls Gone WoW Show 438: Afterlives

Hello Everyone! This week we’re talking all about the Afterlives cinematics with our regular guest Marie. Lots of love for Ardenweald in our fan base it seems! Lots of you told us your own thoughts about then and we talked about what it might mean for people’s Covenant choices. You can find Marie on Twitter […]

Girls Gone WoW Show 437: Speed Levelling

Hello Everyone! We have a cracking show for you this week! DesMephisto popped by to talk all about warriors, his charity work and speed levelling! We loved having him on the show. The Cassunda Chronicles caught up with our lovely gnomish detective friend and lots of listeners told us about what they are up to […]