But Wait! There’s Lore! | S9E02 | Prophetic & Secretive

Did you know the scourge was created in Maldraxxus? No? That’s okay — That’s why we’re here! Find out this and other shocking new lore on this weeks episode of But Wait! There’s Lore! where we take a deep DEEEEP dive into the history of Maldraxxus and the 5 houses therein, while also taking a […]

BWTL : A Long & Storied History

In the Beginning… But Wait! There’s Lore! Premiered on the original Warcraft Radio in 2008 around the time of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. A group of lore experts from the Scrolls of Lore forums got together and created a rotating cast of contributors. Later in the season two primary hosts were chosen […]

It’s Always Sunny in Pastaland?

Hello everyone! We’re joined by the awesomest of the most awesome pair of creators, the legendary Quissy and PastaFace! We’ve had the honor of meeting and hanging out with Quissy (@QuissyTV) and PastaFace (@ThePastaFace) at PAX East and BlizzCon and we’re so excited to have them on as guests today! The episode is jam packed […]

New Podcast | It’s Always Sunny in Stormwind

Warcraft Radio is proud to announce an incredible addition to our podcast line up with an absolutely amazing group of content creators. “It’s Always Sunny in Stormwind” is the neweest addition to the Warcraft Radio family bringing three new talented voices to our roster in Paacreek, MissildineOnline, and MrMilesTV! It’s Always Sunny will be premiering […]

Warcraft Radio Weekly

You Think You Do But You Don’t! #11 Kexman & Farseer Strike Back! It’s been a slow week for the World of Warcraft but that won’t stop the team from bringing you all the good stuff to make your brain question everything the game does! Kexman & Farseer delve deep into the Raids, How to […]

Blizzcon 2019 Coverage Details!

Warcraft Radio’s award winning BlizzCon coverage returns for 2019! Join us for 3 days of pure hype! We’ll be covering everything Blizzcon this year, streaming from the floor, bringing you exclusive interviews and gameplay from newly announced Projects, and exclusive content not available anywhere else! If you’re at BlizzCon this year there will be a […]

Live Archieve Radio Stream