Girls Gone WoW – Show 459: What did we make of BlizzConline?

It’s all about BlizzConline this week! No guest, but EJ and Raven share their views on the weekend’s events and lots of listeners contributed their views too. Follow the show for the latest updates and join our Discord here: Show Twitter Show Discord Warcraft Radio Discord Follow the hosts: Raven EJ LISTEN ON THESE PLATFORMS […]

Girls Gone WoW – Show 458: Blizzconline Hype Train!

It’s ANOTHER long one this week because we had not one, but TWO awesome guests from the Warcraft Radio team! Manny and Pride were both here to talk about all the exciting stuff WCR is doing for Blizzconline and engage in a little speculation of their own. You can find them on Twitter @Pride1G and […]

Girls Gone WoW – Show 457: Shadowlands Dungeon Fables

We have another, long, amazing show for you this week with Ali from Dungeon Fables joining us! We had a great chat about Shadowlands dungeons and it seems like they have been pretty well received by most people. You can find Ali in many places but also on Twitter. Follow the show for the latest […]

Girls Gone WoW – Show 456: All about Bolvar

We have a cracking episode for you this week with not one, but TWO amazing guests! Demeternoth and Bricco from The Third Faction podcast are with us and we had a fabulous time chatting about the community and Bolvar. Buckle in people, it’s a bit of a long one… You can Demeternoth @demeternoth and Bricco […]

Girls Gone WoW – Show 455: Team Positive in Shadowlands

Frazley is back with us this week for a show about all the stuff we’re enjoying in Shadowlands…which is basically everything! Seems like the current expansion is really hitting the mark for lots of people. You can find Frazley all over the place, and also on Twitter. Follow the show for the latest updates and […]

Girls Gone WoW – Show 453: Leveling in Vampireland

This week we’re talking about Vampireland, er I mean Revendreth with regular contributor to the show Bayneeon. The leveling experience seemed to attract a range of views, but the geography seems to be particularly challenging. You can find Bayneeon on Twitter or on our Discord. Follow the show for the latest updates and join our […]

Girls Gone WoW – Show 452: Blizzconline and other online events

This week we have two wonderful guests: repeat visitor Rho and also Ceraphus from Con Before the Strom! Bit of a long one this week, but we chatted about all the virtual CBtS plans and what we expect from the online Blizzcon event. You can find Rho all over the place, or on Twitter, and […]

Girls Gone WoW – Show 451: Levelling in Ardenweald

Our most regular guest Marie is back this week for her quarterly visit and we’re talking all about Ardenweald! Lots of excitement for all the blue from hosts and listeners, along with all the regular week in wow updates and a new tale from Cassunda. You can find Marie on Twitter or on our Discord. […]

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