Its Always Sunny in Stormwind! Ep 21: The One With Seathrift

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another episode of It’s Always Sunny in Stormwind! We’re super excited to have gold maker extraordinaire Seathrift as our extra special guest this episode! We get in to some of the ins and outs of gold making in World of Warcraft, and got some amazing tips from Seathrift about how […]

For Azeroth! Ep. 133 – Cutting It Close

This week Manny and Joce talk about PTR and beta changes, and then they dissect the second of four Shadowlands animated shorts. All that and more on this week’s For Azeroth! You can find Warcraft Radio on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter, as well as Discord.  PTR Stress Test On September 4th, the Zombie Invasion will return to the PTR […]

Girls Gone WoW Show 434: PRE PATCH PANIC!!!!

This week Cherry joined EJ and Raven to PANIC ABOUT SHADOWLANDS! With a surprise announcement that we only have TWO MONTHS to go until it drop we were chatting about what we need to get done and lots of listeners fed in with their panic too! How are we going to get it all done?! […]

Its Always Sunny in Stormwind! Ep 20: Watch Your Clever Mouth.

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another episode of It’s Always Sunny in Stormwind. In this episode we cover some juicy topics around the HotS and WoW communities. In HotS we covered some Starcraft-related teasers for a new event potentially coming today-ish! In WoW news we talked about the Afterlives: Bastion animated cinematic, the reveal of […]

For Azeroth! Ep. 131 – Protect The WoW Babies

Manny and Joce dive into the latest Beta build, and take a question about player feedback influencing WoW developers. All that and more on this week’s For Azeroth! The Completed Collection of BfA’s OST The music of BfA’s patches is now available on many platforms including Apple Music and Spotify. This includes the rising action […]

Its Always Sunny in Stormwind! Ep 19: That Bothers Me

Hello Everyone! This episode we get into some of the nitty gritty of the Shadowlands pre-patch coming very soon and what we need to do before BfA ends! We took some time to discuss some of the additions to dungeons Shadowlands and how different Covenants will interact with them, and we also shared our thoughts […]

Technically PVP ep 110: BfA Esports Final Chapter

We welcome David Hollings, the WOW Esports Product Manager, back to the show to talk about the changes to the BfA AWC tournament finals the team needed to implement due to COVID!We talked about the new Round Robin circuit, why the team brought in this type of tournament structure, and what people can possibly expect […]

Technically PVP ep 109: Disc Priests 8.3

Episode 109 was a new adventure in podcasting for Windstead, as he went 1v1 with Rapids talking about Discipline Priests in BfA.  As one can expect with first times of doing things, he ran into a few technical issues, but in his typical Macgyver style, we’ve bubblegummed a podcast for you to listen to!  With […]

Technically PVP ep 108: Fire Mage 8.3

Join Andallyn and Gerissar in a wonderful in depth discussion about fire mages with Pherix, one of the players for the team Deception Gaming who has been noted as an up-in-coming team in the AWC this year by the casters! Pherix lends his knowledge to help our listeners to understand this spec much better, but […]

Its Always Sunny in Stormwind! Ep 17: The One with Madeleine Roux

Hello everyone, We’re very excited to have New York Times bestseller and author of World of Warcraft: Shadows Rising, Madeleine Roux join us this week for an exciting discussion on the Shadows Rising novel and some of our thoughts around the book! This conversation does contain spoilers to the novel so if you haven’t read […]

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