Technically PVP ep 115: Pre-Patch Preps

Gerissar and Andallyn go over what you can expect in these pre-patch weeks, with all the changes to levelling, how you can level your alts or new main before Shadowlands, and pitfalls to avoid! Now get in the game, grab some friends, and have some fun! Finding Us Gerissar –  Twitter Email The Show! Andallyn –  […]

Its Always Sunny in Stormwind! Ep 24: Cease (and Desist) Your Resistance!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of It’s Always Sunny in Stormwind, we’ve got a drama-filled episode for you so buckle up because this one is hefty! We took some time to catch up with what we’re all doing in our Blizzard gaming worlds now that pre-patch is finally live and also took […]

You Think You Do, But You Don’t! Season 2 Episode 3

Third week back and the Horseman is here! It is Hallows End on Azeroth but the focus this week is on everything surrounding the game itself! Shadowlands Collectors editions? Warcraft Blue Yeti mics? Lots of nerdy stuff to dive into this week! Topics on todays show: – Kexman’s Shadowlands Collectors Edition Live Unboxing Kexman has […]

Girls Gone WoW Show 441: PRE PATCH IS HERE!

IT’S PRE PATCH WEEK!!! We’ve all had TONS of fun in the barbershop and started levelling a lot of new toons, and we have Grand Master Jarf here with us this week to talk all about the highs and lows of the pre patch! Our regular correspondent Cassunda checks in with a grizzly tail and […]

You Think You Do, But You Don’t! Season 2 Episode 2

So this week Kexman and Farseer needed to join an LFM channel. And who would answer our call to assist in this weeks episode? Missildine of course from “Always Sunny in Stormwind” and now with a new opinionated gentlemen, what discussions will be had? Topics on todays show: – Pre-Patch Good and Bad We’ve had […]

Its Always Sunny in Stormwind! Ep 23: Pre-Patch Is Here!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of It’s Always Sunny in Stormwind! This episode we dove straight into what’s going on in pre-patch and what we’re excited to try out when the patch goes live. We also shared some of our thoughts around the new Halloween Terror content coming in Overwatch the same […]

Girls Gone WoW Show 440: Inclusive Communities

Frazley was back with us this week for a great chat about building inclusive communities in game. Ironically the show was slightly disrupted by some chat room trolls that apparently did not like inclusive communities but we powered through and we hope you enjoy the discussion more than they did! Lots of listener input and […]

You Think You Do, But You Don’t! Season 2 Episode 1

Greetings everybody! We are back with Season 2 of You Think You Do But You Don’t! In our absence much has occurred, talks of delays, discussions and disagreements! It’s time we got involved once more. Topics on todays show: – Farseer & Kexman Catch up The duo return and discuss what they have been doing […]

For Azeroth! Ep. 138 – Pre-Prepatch

This week Manny and Joce talk about the Shadowlands dev update, what’s coming in the pre-expansion patch on October 13th, and then take your emails. All that and more on this week’s For Azeroth!  It’s Extra Life time again! CLICK HERE to support the TGI team, including Joce! Warcraft Radio Podcast Directory Revamped and refreshed Podcast directory […]

Girls Gone WoW Show 439: Agency in WoW

Hello Everyone! Fascinating topic this week when Saalmis joined us to talk about character agency in WoW. We talked about where we felt in control of our characters destinies and how hard it is to do that meaningfully in an MMO. There was also quite a lot of shade for a couple of notable quests! […]