You Think You Do But You Don’t Delayed!

So you may have noticed that there was no show on the July 24th and now on July 31st. Both times have unfortunately mixed with Dunkurk being stuck on a bus and tooth problems for myself (Farseer) which has put a bit of a delay on the show. However, next week looks clear! We should […]

Friday 5th Show moved to Saturday 6th

Hey there guys! You may have noticed there was no show this Friday for You Think You Do But You Don’t. Do not worry, it’s not a cancelled one, this week we have shifted the show to a Saturday slot instead, so that we can have our regular trio available and on the air! So […]

You Think You Do But You Don’t – Episode 26

How time flies when you’re waiting for another episode of your favourite show? This weeks Episode is brought to you by no-one! We reached out for the Kyrian to sponsor us but they were confused and didn’t even know what a sponsor was! I guess we’ll talk about them and the Shadowlands Alpha anyway! Episode […]

You Think You Do But You Don’t – Episode 25

Greetings brothers and sisters of the Horde! (And the Alliance I suppose..) Just a quick post for you here to let you know that Episode 25 of You Think You Do But You Don’t is making its way onto our Youtube channel ( and over to for all your podcast listeners! We’re expecting the […]