Its Always Sunny in Stormwind! Ep 15: Meeting Our HoTS Quota!

Hello everyone! We’ve got a really fun episode for you today, this week we all played the new Shadowlands intro and shared our thoughts on it. We also had a very passionate discussion about Night Elf customizations and why everyone should just main Night Elves. Mei also made her way to the Nexus this week […]

Technically PVP ep 106: Hook Point Arena

Andallyn, Gerissar and Windstead sit down to analyze the ins and outs of the Hook Point Arena, one of the most recent arena map additions in the game.  This map is well known for the emoting NPC spectators, and we selected the intro speech as the bumper for our Need-Greed-Pass segment.We also discuss our reasoning […]

The Barrens NecessitAIEs (June Podcast Roundup)

Listening is important, now more than ever. Following an important monologue on recent issues affecting the community, Rho interviews the hosts of both the Barrens Chat and AIE podcasts. You’ll also hear a preview clip from the Rolling Restart’s interview with Shadows Rising author, Madeline Roux! The show concludes with Spencer Downey from The Starting […]

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