The War Forge Postponed

This weeks episode of the War Forge will be pushed back to tomorrow, Thursday Nov. 14th at 6PM EST. Where we’ll be talking about all thing Warcraft III : Reforged! And all the ways you can become a better player, INSTANTLY!

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Episode 9 – Shadow of the Shadowlands

Join Farseer Dunkurk and Kexman as they go through the rollercoaster ride that was this years BlizzCon, where our predictions true? Also in the show the topic of gaps between content and what we feel is the best possible time gap for releases.

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Blizzcon 2019 Coverage Details!

Warcraft Radio’s award winning BlizzCon coverage returns for 2019! Join us for 3 days of pure hype! We’ll be covering everything Blizzcon this year, streaming from the floor, bringing you exclusive interviews and gameplay from newly announced Projects, and exclusive content not available anywhere else! If you’re at BlizzCon this year there will be a number of places to meet up with the Warcraft Radio Crew, namely at our meet and greet at Con Before the Storm! We’ll be there from 6:00pm to 7:00pm Thursday evening, so be sure to come by and say hi! A large portion of our live team will be in attendance including Athalus, Pride, Kexman, Dunkurk, & TheErik. All through the weekend we’ll be providing you with coverage live from the floor of BlizzCon with discussion, news and analysis from our home team. Don’t miss a single moment of BlizzCon when you watch it LIVE

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Tune in for Classic Completionist with KikiJiki today!

We’ve got just a few hours before KikiJiki goes on the air at 6pm EDT!
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Classic Completionist is dedicated to all things World of Warcraft Classic. Whether it’s defeating all the raid content, maxing out professions or exploring the world we’ll be covering it, as well as speculating what comes next for Classic!

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