WoW Killed Titanforge (February Podcast Roundup)

Brian “Rho” Black interviews Method Broadacast Producer Andallyn, Garrett Weinzierl and Taliesin from the WoW Killer podcast, and video content creator Dratnos from the Titanforge podcast, followed by a return of J.R. Cook from the Well Met podcast for some RNG. As always you’ll hear about notable guest appearances and news from your favorite Blizzard podcasts early in the show during the monthly podcast roundup. This month’s segment includes information on two new podcasts! Follow the show on Twitter @RealmPodcast and follow Rho @BrianPodcaster. ———- Are you part of a show that covers WoW or another Blizzard franchise podcast and want your news mentioned here? Email questions, comments or submissions to Realm Maintenance is here to promote your show news and special events as a service to the Blizzard game podcasting community. You can support the show at and you can support Warcraft Radio as a whole at

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Episode 82 – Chicken & Waffles or Gin & Frazley?

Gin from the Morally Grey podcast and Frazley from Frazlcast and numerous other projects join Rho for a discussion on a variety of topics, ranging from the impact of BoE gear in the Race to World First to Shadowlands speculation and more! Follow the show on Twitter @RestartCast. A new episode of the Realm Maintenance podcast is also available for download! Support Realm Maintenance Productions at Support Warcraft Radio at

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Episode 50 – Gather by the Fire

Kevin and Brian talk welcome Fireside Gathering organizer Scott “Bytes” Levy for the show’s 2nd anniversary! There’s plenty of talk about Fireside Gatherings past and present, as well as the usual bits of casual Hearthstone discussion. This was also our first time recording the show in a video format which can be seen at! For more info about Scott and the events he has organized, check out Follow the show on Twitter @Hearthcasual. Special thanks to Helynt on Youtube for use of the synthwave League of Explorers music that is the new theme for the show! Find Helynt’s channel at

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Weekly Podcast Roundup : February 17 – 23, 2020

Every Monday, the crew behind the Realm Maintenance podcast bring you a long list of WoW and other Blizzard franchise podcasts that were published the week and weekend before. If you don’t see your favorite Blizzard franchise podcast listed, email Be sure to leave a link to it, and we’ll pick it up next week. All podcasts and content belong to their owners. Warcraft Radio and Realm Maintenance are not responsible for what you hear, and some of the content may not be safe for work. General Blizzard Podcasts Blizzard Watch – Episode 256 FrozeNerdz – Distraction : StarCraft Ghost Geeks of Azeroth – Does Mythic+ Need a Refresh? The Instance – You Seem Very Animated The Nexus – Episode 13 World of Warcraft Podcasts Adventures in Azeroth – Full Frontal Love Rocket All Things Azeroth – Ion-sights  Azeroth Roundtable – Min-maxing, But In a Good Way Character Craft – Everybody’s Favorite Gnome Citizens of Azeroth – WoW Expansions

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